Business Planning & Management

The Taylor Reach Group offers customer interaction and contact center consulting services to many companies that leverage contact centers as a key communication channel with their customers. Our experience, both in North America and internationally make us uniquely qualified to assist organizations that are frustrated with strategic and executional shortcomings within their organizations.

Effective methodologies and processes are the key to a successful customer interaction strategy. We can help you navigate the challenges associated with…

  • strategic planning
  • business planning
  • organizational development
  • team building
  • process design
  • privacy & legislation compliance
  • regulatory compliance
  • management & re-engineering
  • contact center strategic planning
  • contact center design
  • contact center location selection
  • operational methodologies
  • relevant technologies
  • business plans
  • business cases
  • feasibility studies
  • custom research
  • sales coaching
  • performance benchmarking
  • customer satisfaction analysis

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