Broadband users guided by customer service

Some 46% of Australians with broadband internet would leave their current ISP due to poor customer service, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by Newspoll for CRM company RightNow Technologies, found 21% of customers had already left a previous broadband provider based on a poor customer service experience “Internet service providers take note: the report suggests that one in seven of your consumers are just one bad customer service experience away from changing providers,” RightNow Technologies’ Alison Higgins-Miller said.

The survey found older customers were the most concerned about customer service, with 57% of respondents aged 50-64 saying they would switch providers as a result of bad customer service. Men were more likely than women to have switched broadband providers as a result of a poor customer service experience – 26% of men, compared to 16% of women.

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