Australians prefer speech security

Australians are have more trust in biometric voice security than traditional methods when it comes to safeguarding their personal information, according to new research.

The new survey commissioned by Salmat VeCommerce, found increasing fears that traditional PINs and passwords don’t provide adequate protection of their personal information. Of those surveyed, 67% believed that their security details were at risk, with just over half (51%) saying they felt that someone else may be able to accurately guess their password, PIN or security details for interactions over the phone. Some 59% said they believed someone else may actually already know these details.

Salmat VeCommerce managing director, Paul Magee said the study also found that, for consumers, the most preferred method of verifying identity was biometric voice identification, a technology that enables a person’s identity to be authenticated using the unique characteristics of their voice. “This was favoured by 45% of respondents, followed by PIN (21%), password (18%) and personal details or history questions (16%).”

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