Contact Center & CX Assessments by Taylor Reach

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Does Your Contact Center Measure Up?

At Taylor Reach, we take Customer Experience very seriously.

If your CX operation, or your Contact Center, doesn’t measure up, your customers might not come back. This can have a significant impact on your customer retention, brand reputation, marketing, and ultimately your sales.

That’s why we’ve become the world leaders in CX Audits and Contact Center Assessments. Across all of our assessments, The Taylor Reach Group employs our proprietary approach of People, Process, Technology and Methodology to tell you where you are today and design a roadmap to your Future State.

Strategic Assessment

Taylor Reach’s expert consultants will conduct a remote or on-site end-to-end assessment including a best practice comparison to identify where you excel, meet best practice and areas for improvement within the center and operation. With this proven approach, we conduct an in-depth diagnostic. Once your business goals have been established, we use this information to generate a prescription for change improvements.

Snapshotz Best Practice Benchmarking & Audit

Snapshotz is a health check for your Contact Center and is the only SaaS-based Contact Center audit tool available on the market today. Compare your center(s) to best practice across 700+ datapoints leveraging the largest contact center best practice dataset in the world.

CX Solutions

Customer Experience (CX) has significant impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. With more than half of all customer interactions occurring in the contact center, the customer experience delivered through contact centers has never been more critical to an organization’s success.

Customers were not always customers. At one point they were prospects and your products, services and marketing brought them to you. We can map that journey from prospect to customer, and we can improve the process, engagement and satisfaction. Customers are valuable assets. They are the reason we are in business so lets make their interactions as effective, frictionless and easy as we can.

Taylor Reach can ensure your Centers’ are optimizing the CX being delivered. We offer a number of CX auditing services, each with a different focus to ensure a positive, memorable, customer experience:

CX Snapshot

Analysis of live calls across your center addressing the 3 dimensions having greatest impact on CX and detailed report assessing the center from a customer perspective across 30 variables

CX Evaluation

Deep analysis of the customer journey as it engaged with the Contact Center against 12 key factors of successful CX

CX Health Check

Benchmark your Call Center(s)’ CX against 50 leading metrics and compare to best practice organizations. A detailed report will highlight areas performing well and areas for improvement