Taylor Reach has a range of assessments to ensure your Contact Center(s) operate at optimal levels:

1) Professional in-person assessments – Strategic Assessment

The Strategic Assessment offers a prescriptive approach:

Taylor Reach’s expert consultants will conduct on-site analysis coupled with Snapshotz™ as a means of establishing areas for improvement within the center. With this approach, we conduct an in-depth diagnostic. Once your business goals have been established, we use this information in unison with Snapshotz™, in order to generate a prescription for change improvements.

2) Self-directed assessments – Snapshotz™  Audit

The Snapshotz™ Audit take a more indicative approach:

Snapshotz™ is a health check for your Call Center/Contact Center and is the only SaaS-based Contact Center audit tool available on the market today. If you want establish a guidance for center areas of concern, but have the expertise to map your own approach for to improvements, this is a great option and great value for the time and money involved.