Ask the Experts – October 06

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Leaving Voicemail Messages


“We are an inbound sales team generating qualified sales appointments for our Sales force. We get a lot of voicemail when we place our calls and I wanted your opinion on whether or not we should be leaving a message or simply trying to reach the contact later?”


Expert Response:

Unfortunately not every prospect we speak with will be sitting and waiting to speak with us. As a result we will get voice mail, frequently. Voice mail provides an opportunity for us to leave a positive message about our company and our services. A good voice mail message will increase the likelihood that the prospect will take our call the next time we call.

People often ask if we should leave call back numbers and generally this is not a good idea. The role of Inside Sales is to place calls not to receive them. If the prospect does call us then we are likely to be on an outbound call, so we won’t speak with them. The alternative is to make fewer outbound calls to increase our availability for returned calls. This simply reduces the effectiveness of the team and will fail to meet the performance targets that the company has set. It is better to suggest that we will call them back or in the lead generation scenario to offer the SALES REP phone number.

The voice mail script should include all of the elements of a call presented in a brief and logical flow. In the scenario we have been using this could look like this;

“Hello Mr/s___________this is AGENT NAME from ABC Inc.. I am calling you today because I understand that you are the person responsible for ________ and _______decisions at XYZ, Inc. As you may know ABC is the largest ________ in the mid west and we believe that we can offer superior service. REP NAME has asked me to call you to set up a brief meeting to discuss how we can assist XYZ, Inc. I will give you a call back later this week to discuss or if you prefer you can call REP NAME direct at 501-555-1212. Thank you and have a good day”

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