Ask the Experts – November 05

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I have often heard that we should be posting results in the call center, but I am
concerned that this will cause problems to some of the staff. What would you

Anna K.

Expert Response:

I would agree that Agent posting call center results may very well upset some staff, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. As we have spoken about in numerous articles alignment of our activities to the results we wish to achieve is critical within a call center environment. So who are the Agents that will be happy? The unhappy Agents will be the ones with the poorest performance. They will then have a choice, ask for assistance to improve or do nothing. If they ask for help then they are on the right to track to improve their results, if they do nothing, then they are sending you a message of another kind. But we should also look at the impact of this change on our good staff. Seeing their results posted will validate that their effort isn’t all for naught. Your better staff will be motivated to become better still.

Remember not posting results motivates no one. Posting results motivates good staff to be better and some of the weaker staff to ask for help, which in turn improves overall center performance and isn’t that always the goal?

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