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Who should ‘own’ the Call Center?


Whenever I ask this question, I always seem to get conflicting answers. Should Operations own the center, should it be Sales or should it be marketing? Please let me know where the center should report.
Bob S.

Expert Response:

This debated has raged on since call center s first came into existence. Often the current ‘ownership’ was determined years ago and is dependent upon who created the center. If it was originally an outbound center it is usually still under Sales, if it was created to provide technical support it is under Operations or even Engineering, a customer service center often reports through Operations. Once of the most common reasons, or perhaps more accurately defined as excuses for problems, is that the center reporting and departmental alignment is the reason why the center is in trouble or failing to meet the corporate objectives. This is in most cases is not a significant issue. In truth no matter what the alignment each and every one of the departments already identified can have dysfunctional call centers.

The key to success is not the reporting lines, but rather the alignment of the activities and objectives of the company and not just the department. Review what your corporate goals are and see how well the current call center goals and objectives align. Specifically look at the call center metrics and ask yourself how these help the company to attain its corporate goals…you may be very surprised by the result.

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