Answer the Phone!

6104edd7-6658-4eff-9fc2-d6fd6e95bd34.jpgBy: Peter Elliot
There are many metrics that Call Centres and Support Teams use to keep them running efficiently and gauge customer satisfaction. But top of the list must be Abandon rates. Abandon rates can be obtained from your Voice or Chat supplier, and will tell you how many times customers gave up trying to contact you, and how long they spent waiting before they gave up. Why is this top of the list? Because if a significant number of customers can’t even get into your system, it doesn’t matter how good it is. For instance, you might be serving 60% of your customers very well, but ignoring the other 40%. How many times have you sat listening to a kind voice saying “ … your call is important to us, please wait while we ignore you … “ and eventually given up, unhappy and resolving to take your business elsewhere? And how is the company to know you feel like that? Answer is they don’t, because you never got into their system. How many service teams think they are doing well according to the majority of their measures, but are missing all those unhappy customers who never actually made contact? Abandon rate metrics will enable you to find out how many potentially unhappy customers you have, even if you don’t know why because you never gave them the opportunity to tell you. You will never reach a 0% abandon rate as technical and other issues will always cause a few, but you should target between 2-5%. That way the remaining 95% can be measured in many other ways to help you improve your business.

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