Another Year

So where does the time go? It seems only a few moments ago it was March and now here we are in December. Another year is wrapping up and a new year waiting for us around the next corner.
Traditionally this time of year is a time for giving thanks for what we have and have achieved and for contemplating what the future has in store for us.

I am sure that many of you, like me are thankful to be working in such a vibrant and dynamic industry.
The call center business may be many things but it is surely not dull. With billions being spent on research and development each year we see a constant stream of interesting and exciting technologies; IP
Telephony, CRM, mobile convergence, web-chat, workforce management all have seen new and exciting developments in the past twelve months.

And what have we achieved? Certainly we can examine this question from the point of view of our own departments and companies. From this point of view we handled billions of calls, emails and web-chats.
We affected tens of billions of dollars of commerce. We provided gainful employment to millions of people around the globe and hopefully we demonstrated that despite the ubiquity of call centers in all of ours lives, at work and at home, familiarity does not necessarily breed contempt. Hopefully we demonstrated that direct interaction with customers and prospects through a call center isn’t just the most cost effective manner of handling these transactions but we can also add significant value through these transactions.

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