Alignment, Engagement & Supporting the Brand- Snapshotz Research

One of the great benefits of the Snapshotz call center audit tool is the insight that can be gained into the operation of not only your center, but also to the broader community that has deployed Snapshotz. To date more than 600 call center globally have utilized Snapshotz to audit their call and contact centers and drive their internal improvement processes.

When we examine data from our global database we can see a number of interesting points related to their operations:
* 28% of centers complete legacy work and/or serve the needs of third parties that are not core to the operation and function of the call center. These activities can include: Supporting Reception and the front counter, Providing staff for warehouse support, completing data entry etc.
* 62% of call center characterize their operating philosophy as “meeting operating, production and quality targets and managing costs”- Only 12% of centers “try to Understand our strengths and weaknesses so that we can support the organizational goals”
* 82% of call center leaders say that alignment to corporate goals and objectives in very important for the call center. Yet only 20% of centers said that their alignment was Good or Excellent. 77% stated that they just Meet Basic Criteria.

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