Agent Training Development

There’s no denying that frontline agents are the biggest asset in a Contact Center/Call Center in addition to being one of the largest expenses. Retaining a qualified staff has a huge impact on bottom line operations, quality of service and overall customer experience; utilizing effective training programs can not only ensure that center agents are well prepared to meet increasing expectations of their customers, but also can assist in the reduction of turnover which will subsequently reduce operational expenses, and improve overall quality.

Training itself has changed over time. If you are still employing the “Sage on the Stage” approach where the trainer reads PowerPoint slide to the trainees, you are really throwing you money away. Successful training today requires a multi-modal approach grounded in neuroscience and adult learning techniques.

Taylor Reach offers two services which focus on agent training and development:

1) Curriculum Development - Redesign and redevelop agent onboarding training while leveraging multi – modal training approaches to:
⦁ Improve retention
⦁ Improve agent recall
⦁ Reduce training time
⦁ Reduce speed to competency
⦁ Reduce handle time
⦁ Improve FCR, CSAT and NPS

2) E-Learning - Design, Development and Deployment– put an end to mind numbing PowerPoints and engage your agents
⦁ Reduce training time
⦁ Reduce time to competency
⦁ Improved retention
⦁ Improved recall and utility
⦁ Happier, more engaged agents

The Taylor Reach approach leverages hundreds of years contact center operational and training experience and has a proven record of success. Recently we completed a complete reimaging and redesign of the contact center new agent onboarding training for a Fortune 100 company. It was a large and complex project, yet they achieved a positive ROI in the 4th month of employing the new training.

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