A Quick Guide to Comparing In-House Vs. Outsourced Contact Center Costs

If you’re already managing an in-house call center, you know that navigating the natural peaks and valleys of call volume presents a complex challenge when calculating call center costs. You know tha


Nice overview to in-house versus outsourced costs, though I think there are a few additional points I would suggest. First, one of the biggest benefits in working with an outsourcer is that running a call center is their sole business. This means that everything they do is focused on operational improvement. This can equate to significant benefits for clients. Second and a related point is that outsourcers serve multiple clients by definition and learnings from one client in one vertical can be applicable to other clients in other verticals. Once agin this can lead to significant benefits to clients. Lastly, the post did not address the cost to outsource, which certainly must be a consideration. what will happen to your in-house staff, if they are retained elsewhere in the organization that is great, but if they are let go then likely the redundancy costs will be applied to the outsource initiative. As will the cost to train all of the outsource agents. Depending on your agreement your training costs may also be ongoing due to turnover at the outsourcer. Finally someone has to manage the vendore relationship, attend meetings, visit the center, calibrate quality and this comes with a price.
Outsourcing can be a superior solution for some organizations but you must enter into any relationship such as this with your eyes wide open.

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