400 New Jobs Coming to the Southern Tier

Stephanie Esposito

ERWIN–A new company is coming to Southern Tier and bringing at least 400 new job opportunities with it! It’s the second major boost to the Southern Tier economy in just a few months. Governor Eliot Spitzer and other elected officials gathered in Erwin for the ribbon cutting of a new call center Thursday morning. An international customer care company called Sitel is opening a call center. They’re looking to start hiring immediately.
They want to fill 400 job openings in the next two weeks. It’s an extra boost to the economy because they are also moving into a Corning Inc. building that’s been vacant since 2002. Since the building isn’t exactly ready for them yet, they’ll do most of their training at Corning Community College.
“400 jobs means 400 families that will have checks coming in and it’ll help the local economy in every way, shape. and form and we’ll see future growth beyond that,” says New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
Families won’t be the only ones getting checks. Sitel will get a $1.5 million dollar grant from the Empire State Development Corporation for setting up in the Southern Tier. Corning Community College is looking at $750,000.00 from the New York State Office for Small Cities, for hosting Sitel’s training courses.
“It’s a very supportive community and that was one of the biggest differentiators, as well as the workforce availability here,” says Sitel CEO, Chad Carleson.
Sitel will pay between $8.50 and $10.00 an hour, with benefits and a 401k.
“This also proves the efforts we’ve been taking to cut workers comp, cut property taxes, make New York State a business friendly state is working and most importantly the workforce here,” says Gov. Spitzer.

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