CX Snapshotz Audit

CX Snapshotz Audit

An Annual Health Check For Your Contact Center

Which of your centers has improved the most this year?


Is the external center performing at the same level as the internal centers?


These are questions that Call Center Operators, Marketing, Sales, and Finance all need answers to. We can help you to answer these questions with Snapshotz


Snapshotz Online is the world's first and only SaaS-based call center audit tool. Snapshotz assesses your call center or contact center across 8 categories, 29 sub-categories, and up to 700 data points.


While Snapshotz is primarily a call center assessment tool, it is much more than that. Snapshotz is primarily a management tool for customer service/contact center/call centers. Primary uses include:

  • SWOT analysis and planning tool
  • Audit tool and risk management tool
  • Vendor Management Tool
  • Team and location comparisons
  • Training tool
  • Strategic task management tool linked to KPI’s
  • Leadership development tool
  • Easily deployed (within 5 – 10 minutes) and available on demand
  • Easy to use and delivers immediate reporting


Many North American organizations have deployed Snapshotz including:

What Users are saying about Snapshotz...

"Easy to use, the report afterward is excellent"

"None as comprehensive and useful as this tool"

"Not only did I find it to be a great tool, it comes at a fantastic price"

"Snapshotz produces a terrific road-map to focus our future efforts”

"Snapshotz told us about some challenges we knew we had, but more importantly
showed us other areas impacting our Customer Experience we didn’t suspect”

You can’t manage what you can’t or don’t measure. A call center audit can provide great insights into how the center is actually operating, which maybe different than how it is expected to operate. In this webinar, we examine the call centers alignment to business goals and objectives employing real-world results from more than 1700 actual Snapshotz users worldwide. The results and the insights can be surprising…

The price for a single Level 1 license (that can be shared with up to 5 of your colleagues) including support is just $4,750, including all taxes

For a better value a Level 1 subscription for 3 years with 2 licenses (that can each be shared with 5 co-workers) including support for just $4,000 annually, including all taxes

For Level 2 and 3 audit pricing or for more information on Snapshotz online please contact us for more details





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